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" The Skill Development Council, Lahore is committed to helping Men and Women to develop the skills and knowledge to pursue many opportunities.

Every Institute has a culture that develops with time as the institution ages and matures. In all diversity, however, there is one common ground, to aim for academic excellence. With this as a driving force, and with the availability of resources, any institution can achieve the goal of providing the best education, and producing the best engineers, scientists, artists, scholars and above all citizens. Skill Development Council, Lahore is highly regarded for its strong professional team. With rapidly transforming innovative approach to teaching, research and learning, we are slowly but surely establishing a good reputation among employers. Skill Development Council, Lahore is engaged to promote professional, technical and vocational personnel to work hard for the country as well as abroad to earn foreign exchange for the country,opportunities in the fields of Technical, Vocational, Information Technology, Professional, IT, Electronics, Designing etc. as well as industrial training for the industrial workers.

Transition to Skill Development Council is an exciting step in your lives. It will be challenging to move from the system of distance learning education program because some of the Universities in Pakistan are also providing education on this pattern to skilled and non-skilled persons at their door step. I wish all the accredited partners of SDC Lahore will contribute at his level best to promote the quality education in the field of Technical, Vocational, IT and Professional training. "

Mr. Khalid Rehman 

Chairman SDC

Skills Acknowledgment and Training

" During my study in foreign international university, I felt the standard of quality education and its global recognition and it was only due to practical training programs and advanced learning systems. So, I implemented both systems in SDC Lahore for global recognition. It will open the door for international jobs and outsourcing recruitment"

Mr. Nabeel-ur-Rehman

Director SDC

Department of Examination

As we all are well aware of the fact that our country is still in a developing countries and there is only one thing that is skilled work force is really very important if people wants to convert their country from developing countries to developed countries. This is the real fact that we could not denied that is why Government of Pakistan has set up an organization with the name of Skill Development Council Punjab, Lahore. This Organization is now playing a vital and key role in introducing the long and short terms courses in the field of Technical, Information Technology, Vocational and Professional all over the country and through these courses one could have expertise to get a better career opportunity.

To maintain the quality education and to produce the qualified personnel, it is very much essential to assess the trainees according to the procedure laid down in the examination system of Skill Development Council Punjab, Lahore. It is necessary that pass out trainee must be on international standard to get the job in the country and abroad.

The purpose of Skill Development Council Punjab, Lahore is to provide a standard technical, vocational, information technology and professional education to all the male and female students of the Province of Punjab so that they could have a better career opportunity on behalf of SDC certification and expertise. If anybody seeks to take admission in any discipline, he or she may contact our training partner’s institutions available on the website of the SDC Punjab, Lahore i.e 

Mr. Mian Ali Nadeem

Controller of Examination


1st Floor, Plaza# 38, Main Boulevard Commercial Area, Cavalry Ground, Near Cavalry Hospital, Lahore Cantt.